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Nokian Tyres is the only tire manufacturer in the world that focuses on customer needs in northern climates.  Company roots go back to 1898 with the founding of the Finnish Rubber Factory.  Nokian developed the world's first winter tire in 1934.  All Nokian tire lines are tested, not only in dry and wet conditions, but also in winter conditions on their test track north of the Arctic Circle.  Although safety has always been Nokian's top concern, environmental friendliness and low rolling resistance are also very important today.  Inexpensive tires do not save money.  Nokian's premium low rolling resistance tires save money on gas and offer more safety than low-cost tires.  How much is your family's safety worth? Hankook Tire is a global technology-focused, market-driven company dedicated to you, our customer. We are committed to being one of the world's leading tire companies and we are doing that by providing the highest quality tires backed with industry-leading warranties that are available through an outstanding network of dealers and retailers located across the United States.
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